Main Course

For Vegetarians

  • Tadka Daal-Med (V)

    Yellow lentil, lightly spiced with garlic and cumin seeds, garnished with fried whole chilli & ginger.

  • Mixed Vegetable Korma

    Seasonal mixed vegetables with cashew nuts sauce and topped with dry fruits & cream.


From Poultry Farm

  • Butter Chicken

    Diced boneless chicken barbeque in tandoor & cooked with a sweet oriental tomato, butter, cream cashew nut sauce.

  • Chicken Korma (Breast)

    Boneless chicken breast cooked with ground almond fresh cream & ground herbs and spices garnished with cashew nuts.


From Shepherd's Farm

  • Lamb Rogan Josh

    Diced tender lamb cooked with spice in special curry sauce Garnished with fresh coriander.

  • Garlic Tawa Lamb

    Lamb cooked tomato onion capsicum salted garlic curry sauce.


From The Meadows

  • Beef Vindaloo

    A popular hot Indian dish cooked with hot chilli sauce & potatoes garnished with chilli & coriander.

  • Beef Madras

    Beef cooked with mustard seeds, coconut milk, curry leaves & hot species.

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