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We are all about authentic taste!

Our Head Chef, Mr Shiv Lal Sapkota has over 40-year experiences of Indian & Nepalese Cuisine.  Prior to migrating it Australia, he has worked in many renowned restaurants and hotels in India, Hong Kong, Japan and Nepal. His style of cooking is influenced by putting fresh herb and grinding different varieties of spices to make food flavoursome and delicious.

We use locally grown fresh produce and meat. We do not add MSG in our food. We bring out the flavours by use of proper cooking techniques and adding fresh herbs and ingredients. We consider our food very healthy as most curries are slow cooked for up to 5 hours. Unlike in other Asian cuisines, we don’t grease up our food to make them look delicious. We use less oil in our dishes to remove greasy factor. We also cater to vegan and gluten intolerance Customer.

  • Tue & Wed

    5pm – 10pm

  • Thur & Fri

    11:30am – 2:30pm Lunch

    5pm – 10pm Dinner

  • Sat & Sun

    5pm – 10pm

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